I’m pleased to let you all know that I am now a member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers – The BANP

If you are looking for a photographer to photography your beautiful new arrival then this is the perfect place to find one in  your area.  Please read below for more information on the BANP….


The British Association of Newborn Photography (BANP) is a specialist organisation promoting safe baby and newborn photography. We insist upon safe working practices and all our photographers are fully insured and sign up to our code of conduct.  All our photographers have been assessed to be of a professional standard and are appropriately skilled working with babies.


We aim to provide you with useful information to guide you in choosing a newborn photographer and to help you find suitable photographers in your area.

Newborn photography is the only genre where the photographer becomes so hands on with the subject and is responsible for their safety for the duration of the session.  It is with this in mind that the BANP was founded. We hope to leave you reassured that the photographer you choose has the experience and training to not only takes some beautiful images of your new baby, but more importantly, keep your baby safe.

Many of the more posed images you may see such as babies holding their heads in their hands, and babies in slings are most safely created as composites. This means that several images are taken and then merged together with photoediting software later. This enables the photographer to support the baby at all times, and edit out hands holding the baby, or add in a brance for the sling shots. The BANP positively advocates the use of composite images.

All photographers on the site have agreed to work within accordance of the BANP Code of Conduct, and are of a suitable professional standard to be awarded the BANP seal.


Choosing a newborn photographer should be as simple as deciding based on their images…..but we feel it is important to remember that you will be handing over your precious bundle to this person, for them to pose and soothe for the duration of the session. Therefore, it goes beyond whether they can take a good photograph. To help you choose, here are our tips:

1)  Look at the different styles of photography available, newborn photographers all differ in their posing, the amount of props they may use, the way they edit, which results in very varied images unique to each photographer.

2)  Ask how much training or experience they have had. Both are good to have, but those with plenty of experience will have learned lots along the way. Equally, newborn posing workshops are specially designed to teach photographers how to pose babies safely.

3)  Have they photographed many babies? Ideally you want a varied portfolio, with a range of poses and lots of different colours and props which shows the photographers skill level, as well their experience. Also, look and see if they have testimonials/reviews on their website or blog.

4)  When looking at their images, take a close look at how cosy and comfortable the babies are. Babies should always look relaxed and at ease, and never distressed, scrunched or uncomfortable.

5)  Should you go and find the cheapest? Chances are, you will get what you pay for here. Newborn photography is an intense, time consuming labour of love for a photographer. Sessions can last many hours, and rightly so. Newborns must be treated softy, gently and with huge scoops of patience. All of this will cost money, and with the right photographer, it is worth paying for. The photographer will not simply be putting your baby on a beanbag and taking a few images. They will be expertly handling , soothing and posing your baby, and then provide you with a beautiful set of images. Everyone will have a budget but think carefully before taking the very cheapest option available.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  Please spread the word if you or anyone you know is pregnant and looking for a photographer to capture those precious moments in the first couple of weeks.

Newborn sessions take place within the first 14 days of your little one arriving so please do book well in advance to avoid disappointment.  I will come to you at your home, so no need to panic about packing up the car when you have had little sleep.  Sessions last up to 3 hours and cost £75, this includes a free 9×6 prints.

Look forward to hearing from you x

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