Tim and I recently went on holiday to New York and I wanted to share some of the photographs we took with you.  I’m rarely without my camera, so a trip to New York was certainly not going to be the exception!  I adore going to the States and this was my second time in New York.  There is nothing I love more than walking the street and capturing anything and everything.  Here are some of my favourites.


This was the most bizarre moment of our trip.  We got on the subway, looked around and realised that hardly anyone in our carriage was wear pants!!  Oh yes, silly me, it was ‘No Pants Day!’  I’d have had to have had a few sherrys before I stripped below the waist.  I’ve got to hand it to them all, it was freezing!

I always notice how much the Americans love their dogs.  This time  I just loved watching all the dog walkers go by with their proud pooches dressed up in jumpers and jackets.  I was so close to buying Daisy a lovely cream cable knit…… Tim said it would do nothing for his street cred


High five!

This is one of the buildings going up at Ground Zero, its ridiculously high.