Aidan and I have been together for 8.5 amazing years. We first got together towards the end of sixth form, after Aidan took me on a romantic candlelit dinner to Blackfriars in Newcastle. I always joke he won me over because he ordered us a bottle of champagne setting the bar high right from the start – turns out it was a mistake as he couldn’t actually find the normal winelist but still wanted to impress! He neglected to say too that he doesn’t drink wine, so it was down to me to enjoy the whole bottle!

We fell for each other quite quickly (despite following dates being less extravagant!!) but shortly after we got together, Aidan had already planned to take a gap year with a couple of his friends, and I had a place at Manchester University. Everyone told us that long distance relationships never work, and we really weren’t sure what would happen, but when it came to it, we knew we had to give it a try. Living so far apart wasn’t easy, we both missed each other like crazy, but neither of us wanted to be without the other, we loved each other and took it all in our stride, we knew it would be temporary as Aidan would be going to Leeds University when he returned, only an hour away from Manchester!

After uni we moved in with each other and have lived together ever since. We’ve shared many amazing adventures over the years, travelling around Japan, Australia and Malaysia, kayaking in the Swedish wilderness (I think we were both surprised Aidan didn’t fall in, set fire to his socks and melt his shoes, as has happened on previous camping trips!!!) and we lived in Canada for a year, which we absolutely loved, and hope to move back to soon.

You may find this location for Sarah and Aidan’s pre wedding shoot very familiar and your thoughts would be right… I photographed Aidan’s sister’s pre wed and wedding here last year at their family home and was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their wedding too!   Its the most amazing setting with a carpet of cornflowers and even better a tipi tucked away in the corner!

Aidan and Sarah will say ‘I do’ a week tomorrow at Ellingham Hall and I can hardly wait.  First, see their cosy pre wed in the wonderful tipi (very deceptive, its huge inside!) all beautifully decorated and filled with goodies by Aidan’s mum and the  stunning field of cornflowers.  You couldn’t ask for a better place!!!

Aidan and Sarah thank you so much for asking me to photograph your wedding next weekend,  I honestly can’t wait, you are a joy to photograph x

I HAD to end on this one, I LOVE IT so much!! x