John & I met back in Texas in 2008, working as camp counselors, at Camp Hoblitzelle. I had just returned from England and had done a show in his hometown. Having heard he was from Stockton, I was eager to tell him I had been there performing. Naturally, he didn’t believe me; thinking I meant “Scotland”. But after a few minutes of convincing, he finally believed me, and our love story began.

For the past three years, from the moment we met, we have spoken to each other every day. Whether it is in person, on skype, through letters and emails, or on the phone, John & I have found ways to always communicate. We have made it through volcanic ash, winter storms, and the end of LOST.

Growing up I would have NEVER imagined that I would be marrying an Englishman. As a young girl, I dreamed of my prince charming, but I never dreamed of him with an adorable accent! I look forward to, not just our wedding day, but to the day we sit on our porch watching our grandchildren play.

Kat, John and I spent a wonderful day in Durham a couple of weeks ago for their pre wedding shoot.   I was so excited for this one……. as soon as I met them I knew they’d be so much fun to photograph and I was right!

Kat and John, I feel like I’ve known you for years and I’m so honoured that you chose me to photograph your wedding.  Thank you so much for letting your hair down and allowing your amazing personalities to shine through in these photographs.    I wish I could pick you both up and keep you in my pocket.  You’re just so darn cute!!!

I cannot wait for your English/American wedding on the 16th, its going to ROCK!!!!! x


Kat’s awesome hairband is from Ban Do and every girl should have one ; )

Soon to be Mr and Mrs!!!!!