Hello, I’m Katy, a fine art wedding photographer based in Newcastle upon Tyne. As well as shooting weddings in the northeast of England and throughout Europe, I also specialise in beautiful newborn, baby and family photography. 

I’ve always been creative, but I first fell in love with photography while studying Art and Design. When I eventually focussed on Photography at University, I found myself overwhelmingly drawn to the use of natural light, preferring to take photographs outside rather than confine myself to an elaborately lit studio. 

After graduation, I continued to improve my skills. Working in a variety of roles across the country, I photographed everything from commercial portraits to grand social events. As soon as I shot my first wedding in 2003, I immediately knew I’d found the right path for me and my photography. Since then, I’ve captured countless couples on their wedding day, ultimately providing them with a beautiful record of an important life event. 

I’m passionate about my work and I believe love, friendship and family should be celebrated. Deep down, I’m a dreamy romantic who adores documenting unbridled emotion, whether it’s the overwhelming joy experienced by two people on their wedding day or the first glimmer of a mother’s unconditional love for her newborn baby. 

My Photography

Shooting digitally, I use natural light and thoughtful composition to tell stunning visual stories. With over a decade of professional experience and a discreet, unobtrusive approach, I create natural, elegant images with a light, airy feel. Favouring a gentle palette of pastel tones, my style is romantic, soft and ethereal. 

From the delicate details of a newborn baby’s face to the joyful smiles of friends and family as they come together for a wedding, I focus on the beauty of fleeting moments to create tangible memories you’ll treasure forever. 

About Me

I live in Newcastle with my husband, Tim, our beautiful daughter, Isla, and our beloved dog, Daisy. My camera is rarely out of reach, but when I’m not taking pictures, I’m happiest surrounded by the people I love most. I’m one of four children and a twin, so family get-togethers are always wonderfully chaotic. 

I have a serious weakness for beautiful interiors, particularly the neutral tones of Scandinavian design, so you’ll often find me curled up on the sofa, sipping Earl Grey as I search Pinterest and Instagram for ideas. I shoot film for fun and relish the magic of analogue photography. I enjoy modern calligraphy too and often daydream about adding this string to my wedding bow, but I’ll need a little more practice first! 

When I’m not working, I adore spending time with my little girl. As a family, we enjoy heading to the Lakes, especially during winter when we can wrap up warm and enjoy a lovely long walk surrounded by nature.