Engaging styled product & bespoke brand photography

Katy is passionate about helping small, like-minded, independent brands and businesses grow.

High quality, creative and consistent lifestyle photography strengthens your brand identity, setting the right tone and look for your business, allowing you to attract the perfect customers and clients for you. 

Let Katy tell your story in her creative and sophisticated style, using a natural warmth to give your brand an authentic and visual presence, creating bespoke images that suit your business and build engagement.

This is your brand

“Katy was the perfect choice for our commercial project as emotion and family connection was at the heart of our brand’s brief.  Able to showcase the product and put the babies and toddlers at ease, Katy’s experience and creativity ensured we captured great images to support our campaigns into the future.” 

Louise Mustard 

Brand and Marketing Consultant – With Mustard

your brand

Katy works with her clients to capture the essence of their personality or product, highlighting the qualities and strengths that set them apart.  

Stylish, high quality images are an essential tool in a world where social media is increasingly powerful and online presence translates into success. Katy can help to elevate and bring your brand to life, putting you firmly in the eye line of your dream customers and clients.

Katy provides client-focussed brand and product photography, with advice and guidance tailored to you and your business, ranging from a full editorial approach to a more simple, single shoot or content refresh. She would love to hear from you to discuss your ideas, to find out how you can work together and how she can help you achieve your potential.